Case Studies

Case study 1

Mrs Mills Owner of 3 bedroom house in outer Manchester. After being made redundant, could no longer afford mortgage payments and was around 5 months in mortgage arrears. Could not sell property on open market to suit lender’s timescales.

Court date set for repossession of her property by her mortgage lender. If repossessed, it is likely that the property would be sold at auction by the mortgage lender at up to just 40% of its market value, leaving Mrs Mills with no home and still owing the lender thousands.

Mrs Mills spoke to us and we bought her property, completing within 21 days of her first calling. The sale cleared her mortgage and left Mrs Mills with over £10,000 cash. We even put her in touch with a landlord she could rent a similar house from, within a more affordable budget.

Case study 2

The Wicks Family Bought a three bedroom semi detatched house in Wolverhampton 5 years ago. After the unexpected loss of Mr Wicks, Mrs Wicks and her three young children found themselves unable to keep up with the bills or high mortgage which was fixed at a high rate a few years ago.

Facing repossession, Mrs Wicks called us. We arranged to purchase the property and again the whole process took just 3 weeks.

They are now finding they have enough funds to live comfortably in a new home and are very happy.