We have many years of experience in buying properties over the years has we have helped many people sell their property regardless of the situation.

* Repossessions – Sell to us & stop the repossession proceedings taking place by your mortgage lender.

* Financial difficulties – Pay off all your debts! We ensure a fast, guaranteed sale to provide you with the money you need to get out of trouble.

* Divorce or separation – We can quickly buy your property through a fast sale helping you move on without the stress of a long drawn out house sale.

* Relocation or emigration – Do you require a deposit for a new home? We can buy your house quickly and provide you with a cash sum to support you in whatever you do.

* Chain breaking – Stuck in the housing chain or having trouble selling your property? We always guarantee a fast & safe completion.

* Bereavement – Losing a loved one is very tough, we understand that this can be a very difficult time; we will provide you with support throughout any legal processes and sell the property whilst making it as hassle free, friendly and effortless process as possible.

* Landlords – Are you a landlord and wish to sell one of your properties quickly? Maybe you are having management problems or issues with tenants; we can help you achieve a fast sale.

* Ill-health – Health is very important to everyone and when we suffer from any illness no doubt this has an effect on your life in some cases more so than others. Medical treatment costs can rise very fast, Equity Fast can buy your home very quickly, helping to raise money to cover these costs, such as private operations and nursing home payments

* Legal costs – We will even pay all the legal costs involved in the process of the sale.