Equity Fast are a leader when it comes to quick house sales and land purchases with access to substantial funds and over a decade of experience in fast property purchases. If you need to sell your home quickly, for whatever reason, Equity Fast are here to offer you a level of service you will struggle to find elsewhere, including a rapid turn around and a confidential handling of your case.

There are many reasons why you may wish to sell your home, but whatever the reason we have a solution to suit you. We are sensitive to your circumstances and we work within your timescale and propose an offer to meet your needs. You can rest assured that everything is treated in the strictest confidence, as no matter why you need to sell your property quickly, every case is treated with confidence and professional advice.

So, why would you want to sell your home to Equity Fast?

  • You may have had your property on the market with Estate Agents and endured time wasters
  • Sold your house only for the buyers to pull out or maybe not had any viewing’s at all!
  • Perhaps you’ve found your dream home but are about to lose it because your property has not sold.
  • Or maybe you are just looking for an established and reliable company to buy your house and give you some financial freedom.

What ever your reason for needing to sell your home quickly, Equity Fast are there to deliver the results you need, and will respond to all enquiries with an offer within at least 24 hours of the first phone call or email enquiry. The price we offer is the price you get. They understand that each property seller has their own reasons for selling their home and our requirements are practically unlimited. They buy houses, flats and apartments for cash both new and old, in any condition and in any area, as well as land with or without planning consent.

They specialise in quick house sales for cash, so there may be no reason for you to invest in a HIP (Home Information Pack), but if for whatever reason you need one, Equity Fast will be ready to pay for it, using a company who will turn around the pack with a level of efficiency and speed you need if you are looking to sell your home quickly and without any of the usual hassle that comes with selling your home. They also take care of all associated costs including paying your legal fees, and remember because they are not an Estate Agent, you will be saving on fees which can be anywhere from 1- 3% of the sale price of your property!

And we will do the job quick, guaranteed!