The number of people claiming unemployment benefits in January unexpectedly rose, raising fears than the UKs economic recovery is not as strong as expected. The total people claiming increased to 1.64 million in January, the worst figure since April 1997, just before Labour was elected into power.

Between the months of October and December, Britain’s part-time workers rose by 25,000 to 7.69 million while those in full-time employment fell by 37,000 to 21.2 million.

Thousands of job losses are anounced all the time, Birmingham City Council is planning 2,000 cuts & Bosch has confirmed 900 losses in south Wales. Unless the economy gains significant momentum in the near future, we suspect is a significant number of firms may well decide that they really cannot hold on to some of their workers any longer.

Some good news, the number of young unemployed, aged between 16-14 years old, fell in the three months to December by 13,000 to 923,000. One in five young people are still out of work. Too often these young people face a downward spiral towards a loss of self-esteem or even drug/alcohol addictions. As a result they are less likely to find work and hang onto it in the future!