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Welcome to equity fast, a leading cash buyer of property in the UK. We are a quick house and land buyer with access to substantial funds and over a decade of experience in fast property purchases.


If you are looking for sell your house fast we can help buy your house or land for cash. We understand that each property seller has their own reasons for selling their home and our requirements are practically unlimited. We buy houses, flats and apartments for cash both new and old, in any condition and in any area, as well as land with or without planning consent.

We specialise in quick house sales for cash, so there may be no reason for you to invest in a Home Information Pack. But if for whatever reason you need one - we will pay for it! The price we offer is the price you get.

Arv Soar, Managing Director

Why use us?

We offer a reliable solution for sellers who wish to dispose of their house or land quickly and for cash with the ability to complete transactions within as little as 10 days.

We have been buying houses for over 20 years. We originally specialised in renovating dilapidated properties.

The demand for a quick house sale has grown hugely in the last decade due to many different reasons. Equity Fast have helped 100’s of sellers complete their house sale in around 10 days. The speed of our sales means the cost savings are huge.

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Here’s your opportunity to earn an income from Nationwide House Buyers, Equity Fast

How many times have you walked or driven past a property, maybe run down or even derelict, and thought that it would be a good prospect for renovation? How many times have you seen a plot of land and thought that it would be ideal for a new development? If you spot a property of any kind, or a plot of land of any size that you think would be of interest to us then call us on 0800 012 28 89 If you are aware of a person or family that might benefit from our quick cash purchasing power then call Equity Fast today. Just give us the details and for every prospect we can convert into a completed purchase, WE’LL PAY YOU £250.00. Yes, that’s right – £250.00!! So get in touch with us to day using the contact form – add a note in the details box to say that it’s a partnership property you’re proposing – and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. With our speed of operation, you could be counting your partnership commission within days! Or otherwise call us on the contact number below. You have nothing to lose – once again, we’ll even pay for your call.


We currently have special interest in two areas, Nottingham and Hull. If you have a property in these areas it may be worth more than you think. If you are looking to sell your house in Nottingham or sell your house in Hull then please contact us today for a valuation.

There are many reasons why you may wish to sell your home, but whatever the reason we have a solution to suit you. We are sensitive to your circumstances and we work within your timescale and propose an offer to meet your needs.

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Are you thinking of investing in property?

If you have your eye on your next property purchase but the only thing holding you back is a small matter of finding the equity for say a deposit then look no further. Equity fast can help, just speak to us regarding your property details.

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